How to Play American Football (Soccer American style)

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If you’ve ever wondered about the basic game (or at least to follow) American-style football, you’re not alone. American football may seem like a bunch of people who repeatedly rammed each other to one another, until you understand some basics and begin to look at the strategies therein.


Method 1 of 2: Understanding the Rules and Terms

1. American football goal is to score points by bringing the ball from the starting point of the field with a length of 91.44 meters and 47.54 meters in width, specially marked with a nine-meter zone at each end of the field which is called the end zone. Each team uses the end zone in front of them to score, while trying to prevent the opposing team reaches the end zone behind them. Each end zone has a Y-shaped structure on the outer edge, called the wicket, used to score points by kicking.

The end zone defended by a team is usually referred to as their goal. Agen Sbobet So, a team will have a 64 meter spacing along and the team had to run in there with the ball before it could score a touchdown as far as 27.4 meters of their end zone.

Exchange control of the ball to a team based on strict rules. Any time a team had the ball, the team called “the offense;” and the other team called “team to survive.”

2. Understanding the timeline. American Football is divided into four quarters of 15 minutes in each quarter, with rest periods in between the second and third quarters called “halftime” are usually over 12 minutes. When the current time, the game even divided into shorter segments that Poker Online “plays.” A game begins when the ball is moved from the land into the hands of players, and ends with whether the ball hits the ground, or at least one person who holds the ball knee touched the ground. When the game ends, the player has 40 seconds to put the ball in the middle of any yard line where the game stops and enters the formation of the team before the next game to be started.

Time in the game can be stopped for a few different reasons. If the a player ran out of bounds, then there will be a penalty, or it could be an operand thrown but not caught by anyone, the time will be stopped when the referee stopped it.

Penalty awarded by the referee by throwing a yellow flag onto the field when he saw an offense to tell all players that there is no penalty. The penalty is usually the cause of the loss of offensive team the ball is between 4.5 to 13.7 meters in the field position. There are many penalties, but some common because “offside” (someone positioned the wrong line of scrimmage when the ball taken away), “holding” (someone actually seize the hands of other players than a tackle correctly), and “clipping” (someone in contact with player of the opposing team who was not holding the ball, from behind and below the waist).

3. Understanding the flow of the game. American Football is made ​​of two basic structural elements that guide the course of the game. They are the kickoff and system down.

Kickoff: at the beginning of the game, team captains will flip a coin to determine who will kick the ball to the other team to start the game. Early in the game is called the kickoff, and specifically includes long-range shot from one team to another team, the team that kicked the ball rushed to the team that receives the ball in order to prevent them carrying the ball farther rearward end zone-busting team. After halftime, there will be a second kickoff from anywhere within the team and other teams ball holder.

Downs: the word “down” means “chance” (opportunities) in the American-style football. The offense has four chances to move the ball at least 9.1 meters along toward the end zone. Each game ends with a new opportunity. If the goal of 9.1 meters was created on the occasion of the first, before the opportunity for four ends, then the matter will be repeated to the first occasion, usually written with “1st and 10” for the standard distance of 9.1 meters mark once again necessary to repeat the first opportunity , Instead, the opportunity is calculated from the first to the fourth. If four occasions passed without repeating the first opportunity to control the ball would move to another team.

This means that team to move the ball along the 9.1 meters or more in each game will never be on the second occasion. Every time the ball moves Template: convert or more in the right direction, then the next game is the first opportunity Template: convert to do.

The distance required to repeat the first opportunity summed, so ran 3.7 meters at the first opportunity, 2.7 meters on both occasions, and 2.7 meters on the third occasion enough to repeat the next game at the first opportunity again.

If the game ends with the ball is behind the line of scrimmage, the distance difference is added to the amount of the required distance for the first opportunity. For example, if the quarterback was tripped at a distance of 6.4 meters behind the line with the ball still in his hands, then the next game will be marked with a “2nd and 17,” which means that the 15.5 meter must be passed in the next three chances to repeat the occasion first.
Instead of playing through the fourth occasion, the attacking team may choose to kick the ball, the long-range shot that changed control of the ball to the other team, but it allows them to start from a long distance from the beginning.

4. Learn about the composition of a team. Each team is allowed to have a field eleven players simultaneously. Different team members have different positions and tasks. Most of the competing teams actually composed by three different players, with each of them to swap places for completing a task.

“Team attacker” (offensive team) includes the following positions:
Quarterback (behind the center forward position), which is tasked to pass or give the ball to the runners.
Center (center forward), which is in charge of “stealing” the ball off the line the crowd (the starting line) to the quarterback.

Offensive line (forward line) consists of a central striker (center), two guards (guards), and two Poker Online (tackles), who simultaneously keeping other players on the team to survive when the ball is being taken / passed.

Wide receiver (recipient of the pass distance), which is in charge of running behind the defense and caught the ball when the pass was thrown.
Running backs (rear runners), which is in charge of taking the ball from the quarterback and ran toward the end zone.

Tight ends (a position close to the roadblock), in charge of helping keep the outer end of the line and can also catch the ball if given operand.

The defensive team defensive team consists of the following positions:
Linebackers (behind the lines crowd), which is in charge of dealing with the pass game and also ran over the line to block the quarterback.

Defensive line (row defender), which is tasked with ensuring their forward line pressure on the opponent.
Cornerbacks and safeties (corner guards and rescuers), which is in charge of guarding a player who tried to catch a pass or try to carry the ball over the line in the field of defense.

A third team is a special team that is used whenever the ball will be kicked. Their job is to keep the person who kicked the ball to make a clean shot, without interference from other teams.

5. Track your score. The aim of the game is to score more points from the opposing team. In the case of a draw, extra time of 15 minutes is usually given. How to print the following numbers:

A touchdown occurs when the ball successfully brought right into the end zone by a player (or captured by the player who was standing right in the end zone area), touchdown will be awarded 6 points.

An extra points (extra points), awarded when a player kicks the ball right into the net after his team scored a touchdown, and will be awarded 1 point. When a touchdown followed by a game operand towards the end zone instead of kick, the game is called “two-point Agen Bola “, and will get 2 points.

A field goal , occurs when or where a player kicks the ball into the goal without scoring a touchdown before, and will be awarded 3 points. Field goal is usually seen as a tactic of last resort at the end of the game cover.
A safety , where a player gets too far in the field and he was in the end zone on their own and then scuttle the ball holder when holding the ball, it will be awarded 2 points.

Method 2 of 2: Mastering the Basics Game

  1. Fight brings the ball by running forward with “running play”. In general, the type of game that is often seen in American football is “running play”. Running play tends to produce a shorter distance than the pass game (passing play), but it has fewer possibilities in change of possession. They get more profit by getting the ball out of the hands of the quarterback quickly, before the aggressive defense established a position and gain additional distance. If the ball falls over the “running play”, it is called a fumble (fumble). The ball is missed can be taken by the opposing team to take over the control of the ball.

A quarterback usually give the ball to his team (usually running back) to run the game running with the ball (running play), but he can also choose to run carrying the ball himself. Being able to think quickly and assess the situation because of the change is an important ability for a quarterback in determining when he had to run carrying the ball himself.

Brings the ball ran (running play) provides its own advantages because it is hard to see the details of behind the lines. Often, the offense will try to trick the team survived by pretending to pass the ball to two or even three different runners. When the deception is successful, the actual runners who controlled the ball can sometimes pass through the defense before the last team to know what was happening and ran along the field to produce an easy touchdown.

2. Through the defense with the ball (passing play). The game is less frequently used than the “running play”, a game the operands is a good way to make the distance quickly .. if the operands succeed. Game operand short distance is often used in combination with a running play, to shield the ball from a team survive. The great advantage of the game operand (passing plays) is the ability to deceive basic defense tight. Operand that failed (in which no one catch the ball after the ball is thrown) will stop time and end the game.

Quarterback usually take a longer time to pass the ball when compared to the time in the game running with the ball (running play), so the attacking team must continue to fight when quarterback observing field to find receivers ball freely with the aim of preventing the recipient ball tripped (shut out in back of the line scrimmage when handling the ball). When open space is found, the quarterback will have to estimate the extent to which the ball had to be thrown, so that the receiver can catch the ball when the ball ran.

If the operand is cut by the team to survive, this is called the catch. Fumble (fumble) occurs when the ball of the hands of the attackers and the last team gets control of the ball (and to be the attacker). It is also important that, the game does not end when the ball is cut. The defensive team that cut the ball can (and often) immediately took the ball around to create interesting touchdown.

3. Combine the pass game and run (running and passing play). Teams have to plan a joint attack of the game to run and pass the ball with the intention to deceive the team survive. Practice several different formations with your team and mastered its use.

Quarterback specifically have to practice throwing the ball accurately and to perform a trick to running backs operands.

As a rule based on experience, it is safer to start with the game running with the ball until your team get an idea of ​​how the team survive doing movements. The defensive team is great at cutting operand may be less good in the tackle, or vice versa.

Customize your combinations based on the situation. If you play defense, note the position of the players carefully and try to anticipate the game, whether the game running with the ball (running play), or operands (short pass), or operand distance (long pass) so that you can survive as effectively as possible. And remember, there is nothing to dismiss the game as fast as if you steal the ball from the quarterback. So, if you see an opportunity to do this, do it.

4. Practice diligently. By far the best way to become better at playing American football is with regular exercise. This game uses a special skill not seen in many other areas of life, so a consistent exercise is needed to improve the way you play.

Practice with your team if at all possible. Practice holding the ball, catching the ball and running with the ball; practice watching other players, so you can change what you do based on what happens on the field.
Strength training and balance is also a very important thing.

Do not forget to practice strategies and specific game, such as a direct kick into the goal, and practice together with your team so that you can play on the field thoroughly and tactical when the game arrives.

5. Learn strategies. This guide only contains the basic elements of the game. Team formation and strategy remains to be studied further. Get information about some of them and think about how your team can use it to gain an advantage on the field

Catch the ball away from your body by hand, and then pull it close to your body. This is done to prevent the ball bouncing off your body when you try menangkapnyanya

To maintain a loose ball when running, put one hand on the tip of the ball, and the other end in the folds of your arm where the elbow is located. Then pull your arm into the ball tightly so opposite to your body. When you are hit by someone else, place your free hand on the ball and hold it tightly. It would be better if you lose distance and hold the ball rather than get the distance and release the ball.
Warm up before you exercise.

Getting bruised and tired when playing football is commonplace, but if you find that hard and severe wounds, stop playing and consult a doctor first.

* American Football is a tough sport, so get ready to hit. If you prefer not to play with a collision body, consider “tap football”, where you tapped the ball or flag football, where players are said to be “tripped” when the opposing team pull a ribbon or cloth flag off of them.

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